Alison Grey and Her Dog Sam Scour Bozeman
n Search of Tasty Local Dog Treats
By Alison Grey

*Excerpt --Still, our journey in search of local dog treats wasn't over. With local flavor fresh on his tongue, Sam wanted more. So, we headed to the Bogert Farmers' Market, where we found Chef Aaron McLean. Dressed in a floppy chef's hat and apron, the soon-to-be second grader at Irving Elementary School had made it a summer project to bake homemade natural dog treats. He sells them at the market and collects money for Pennies for Peace at the same time. When I talked to him, he was closing in on $600 for the organization. Pennies for Peace is a project created by local author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson that aims to promote peace and empower communities and schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Dog treats for philanthropy. Sam might not have understood the greater cause for humanity, but he savored the tasty barbeque treat.




Aaron sells his "home made" dog bones in
two different flavors: chicken and BBQ. They are
made from all natural ingredients you would
find in your own kitchen.


. 5 / $1.00 for LARGE Bones

10 / $1.00 for SMALL Bones


. To place an order, contact Aaron by EMAIL

Aaron and his Puppy Luv bones are to be featured in the fall issue
of "Edible Bozeman"

And for those of you that were following Aaron's collection of
donations to "Pennies for Peace", he has collected
almost $1,000.00! This will go a long way to helping
the children of Afghanistan and Pakistan gain an education.

If you would like to donate to "Pennies for Peace" through Aaron,
please contact Aaron by EMAIL

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